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"Real sustainable change is possible.

I've made it for myself and helped others do the same."


Nikki was first certified as a personal fitness trainer nearly 20 years ago. She began her own training as a young, competitive gymnast and spent the next 40 years studying dance. Through her extensive background in fitness, athletics, and dance, Nikki has acquired a wealth of personal experience with strength-training, sustainable weight loss, recovering from and working around injuries, and adapting a program to suit the needs of the body at advancing ages. Her personal understanding of the challenges in maintaining a healthy body weight - along with issues surrounding diet and body image - significantly influence how she is able to successfully work with those that struggle with weight management. Her vast knowledge of working with/around injuries (including avoiding them!) is drawn from extensive study on the subject. Along with strength-training, weight loss, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and other specific  needs to which Nikki caters, she has developed a reputation for being a specialist with pre- and post-natal clients. In fact, some joke that the way to get pregnant is to start training with Nikki! ;)

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Personal trainer certification:

ESA - Exercise Science Alliance

Injury Prevention - Understanding Injuries

AFAA - Athletics & Fitness Association of America

Injury Prevention - Upper Body

AFAA - Athletics & Fitness Association of America


Injury Prevention - The Spine 

AFAA - Athletics & Fitness Association of America

Injury Prevention - Lower Body 

AFAA - Athletics & Fitness Association of America

Scholarship program:
Dupree Dance Academy 
Team III competitive gymnastics
LASG - Los Angeles School of Gymnastics
  • Moderate weight loss & obesity

  • Eating disorders

  • Pregnancy: pre- & post-natal

  • Injuries: spine, hip, knee, shoulder, etc.

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Joint/bone problems: arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

  • Senior citizens

  • Teenagers

  • Men & women

  • Religious/modest people who prefer privacy

  • Group classes: dance, sculpt, circuit training

  • Bridal Booty Camp


"Dancing at my age is a joyful, prideful, and humbling experience.

I am doing something wonderful for my body and soul,

and I've learned to adjust my movement to my current capacity.

While I'm not quite as agile as I was in my youth,

I have less self-consciousness -

more experience, organic confidence, and a healthy abandon.

I hope to facilitate these qualities in my fitness clients as well."

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