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"I’ve been working with Nikki for several years now. The changes in my stability, flexibility and balance are incredible. I’m so much less at risk of falling and injuring myself and, as an older adult, this is important to me. Nikki has helped me hold back the 'ravages' of age including flabby arms, post-menopausal weight gain, and lack of energy and stamina. I feel and look at least a decade younger than my 72 (plus) years. And of course there is the added benefit of having RubiDoodle in the studio to cheer me on.”


"I have so much fun working out with Nikki.  She works out every inch of my body so I know am going to get results, even when I moan and complain! ;) She has found muscles that I didn't know I had and transformed my body. Thank you, Nikki."  


"I've been training with Nikki for several years and have achieved a level of fitness I never thought possible, allowing me to bare my arms and legs with complete abandon! In fact, Nikki has helped me achieve my life-long dream of living at a healthy, average body weight, after an adulthood in excess of about 75 pounds. With Nikki I feel supported and challenged at the same time, especially since she is always mixing it up, which makes our workouts more dynamic.   I'm happy with my healthy lifestyle!"


"Nikki provides it all.  Pushing me when needed, guiding and correcting my posture as required to avoid injuries, adjusting the exercise when the body hurts, focusing on me and giving me the sense that she is my biggest fan... and I love the results!"


"Nikki is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, anatomy and health. I have been plagued with knee issues, but she has effortlessly found ways around my bad knees to still give me world-class leg workouts. With an amazing variety of exercises, the workouts are ever changing, always challenging and booty-kickin' good fun. With Nikki's help I look better at 46 than I did at 26!"


“Despite some pain and discomfort lingering from past injuries, Nikki has given me fantastic exercises and stretches which not only avoid exacerbating those issues, but have actually greatly relieved them. With a vast repertoire of training moves, she constantly switches our sessions up - so crucial for continually improving my fitness and engaging my mind. She gives a challenging workout, for sure, but is always sensitive to my needs.”

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